The Appeal of Justice (UPDATED)

A man who holds a powerful position is accused of abusing a hotel maid. Now, the maid’s credibility shot, the prosecutor reconsiders the charges.

A mother is found not guilty of the death of her daughter under suspicious circumstances.

A judge is accused of attacking a fellow judge of the same court. The accusation is reciprocated.

A recent parolee is suspected of causing the death of a woman whose car he stole. UPDATE: Man confesses to murder and says that he planned to kill people all the way to the White House–and then kill the President. Justice should not be too long delayed for this one.

What do all of these have in common? Simply put, all of these situations need justice to set them right. Yet, justice is insufficient to put things back they way things were. History cannot be erased, merely overwritten. Why then does justice hold such an appear for us? Because we understand that such wrongs (rapes, murders, assaults, etc) ought to be made as right as is possible–and that punishment for the wrongdoer is the only way to make things just.

If we no longer have a society where justice is sought then we no longer have a society.

Do we always get it right? No. But God, being the only one with perfect knowledge, will ensure that any who slip through the cracks are not without their rewards.