Talkin’ Bout Hate Crimes

I am ashamed to even use the term “hate crime” because I believe that all crimes against persons and property (that would be everything) arise out of hatred of one type or another. I understand that the modern usage of “hate crimes” is intended to elevate crimes whose underlying motives are somehow more reprehensible than the average, because the person whose person or property was attacked falls into a particular victim category based on race, religion, etc.

That said, let’s look at some recent information on such crimes from our northern neighbors:

Now the figures for “hate crimes” in Canada have been issued and guess what? Like the FBI’s statistics for the United States, the number one victims of hate crimes are…Jews. Indeed, 71 percent of the hate crimes in the religion category are against Jews. The Jewish proportion of Canada’s population? Around 1 percent. That’s 71 percent of the hate crimes on a religious basis against 1 percent of the population.

For the math-challenged among us: that’s a whole lot of hatred directed at a very small percentage of the population. If I remember correctly, Canada has a population of about 35 million souls. This means that the 350, 000 Jews living in Canada get a whole lot of special attention from people who do not like them.

Of course, as the author notes, all of this hatred is impossible to address without our knowing from whence it comes. Too bad that data is so difficult for the Canadians to lay their hands on.