Stuck on Denial, Not the Brake

As I noted when the story of Toyota’s supposed self-destructive engineering was burning up the interwebs, the problem was probably with the drivers. I’m standing by that answer–though Mr. Lahood is still trying to not hurt anyone’s feelings, or something:

Mr. LaHood and other officials were also quite diplomatic about a likely cause of the unintended accelerations — pushing on the accelerator instead of the brake. On Tuesday department officials called these “pedal misapplications,” and when a reporter asked if the problem was drivers making a mistake, Mr. LaHood shot back from the podium, “Nobody up here has ever insinuated the term that you used, driver error.”

In the world of information technology, people sometimes speak of PEBKAC (problem exists between keyboard and chair) errors when trying to avoid telling a user that he or she was the cause of the computing malfunction.It would seem as though automobile engineers may need to add PEBSAP (problem exists between seat and pedal) to the list of error codes which are coming to a Toyota near you.

Oh, and the $48 million in fines that Toyota had to cough up? Yeah, that’s not getting returned. Why? Well, Toyota is an evil money-grubbing multinational corporation that doesn’t care in the least about the consumer because it has the power to force people to buy its cars instead of Hondas or Fords. In short, the corporation has lots of money.