Speaking of Fire

Walter Russell Mead pens a must-read on the increasing stresses within American subcultures: After relating a number of recent incidences where it would seem that certain ethnic groups are targeting others simply because they can, WRM tries to provide some hope:

Here’s the problem.  In the long run, racial tensions in America seem to be gradually subsiding.  Compared to 1960, 1920, 1890 or any other date in American history, race relations today are just peachy.  It is my hope and belief that when the bicentennial of the Civil War rolls around in 2061 the United States will be substantially closer to our national goal of a truly post racial society.

Nevertheless, in the short to medium term there is the potential for trouble.  Whites as well as Blacks have lost faith in the government and the intellectual and cultural elites.  Some whites resent what they see as excessive privilege for Blacks reflected in affirmative action.  Many believe that the federal government and the (largely white) upper middle class establishment wants to marginalize the traditional white majority in the US through a combination of deliberate immigration policy aimed at reducing white preponderance in the population and by favoring immigrants and non-whites for education and employment.

Many have indeed lost faith in government–since government was never to have faith placed in it to begin with. One might even say that our savior isn’t.