South Dakota: Almost Free

We are making progress:

South Dakota is the land of the free, at least according to a pair of university professors.

South Dakota was ranked as the second-freest state in the nation, a study released Tuesday by professors William Ruger and Jason Sorens claims.

New Hampshire was ranked as the freest state, followed by South Dakota, Idaho, Indiana and Nevada, while New York was ranked as the least-free state, with New Jersey 49th, California 48th, Hawaii 47th and Massachusetts 46th.

South Dakota is becoming even freer, according to Ruger and Sorens. It was ranked fourth in their previous survey published in 2007.

Freedom, as these gentlemen define it, does seem to be a bit relative, with a strong bent toward libertarianism. Nonetheless, I would agree with the general premise: South Dakota is a great place for freedom loving Americans to live.


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