Sound and Fury . . .

Last night’s Presidential address may well be the administration’s “jump the shark” episode.

First, we had the kerfuffle over the initial scheduling of the speech–where Obama initially wanted a joint session of Congress the same day and time as the Reagan Library debates. Very poor. As has been noted, the three branches of government are still considered co-equal–that is, one branch does not order another one about. Yet that is exactly what it appears the President tried to do with Congress.

Then, when the speech was rescheduled, it fell just before the opening game of the NFL season. While many have and will argue about whether this was on purpose, or just the next closest time to the original slot, I think it probable that many more people in this country care about the NFL than care about politics.

Finally, after all of the prep and setup, we get something which would have had as much force in a press release. In fact, it may well have done better as a press release–seeing that we would have been spared the President’s righteous anger at all the people in DC who are keeping the economy from improving. More spending of money we do not have to do what? To largely perpetuate the system which we have that does not work.

Oh, and the bill of which he spoke? It does not exist. As at least one twitter message I saw noted, “in 2 years we have moved from passing bills without reading them to passing bills without writing them.”

What’s next? Electing a President without knowing him? Oh.