Solyndra Story Gains Traction

When the folks at the Washington Post say that something is news, it may have been news for a while–but the President may no longer ignore it at his leisure:

Meant to create jobs and cut reliance on foreign oil, Obama’s green-technology program was infused with politics at every level, The Washington Post found in an analysis of thousands of memos, company records and internal ­e-mails. Political considerations were raised repeatedly by company investors, Energy Department bureaucrats and White House officials.

The records, some previously unreported, show that when warned that financial disaster might lie ahead, the administration remained steadfast in its support for Solyndra.

In short, don’t mind the icebergs. They’re just a projection of the vast right-wing conspiracy. Of course “meant to create jobs” is going too far in attributing benevolent genesis to this misbegotten program. Otherwise, the article seems to be a pretty good accounting of just how far the Obama administration was willing to go to make green happen.

Go and read it all.