So Very Wrong

From our poor knighted (and beknighted) cousins:

A man has been arrested on suspicion of murder after the death of a suspected intruder at a Greater Manchester house.

Police found a man, aged in his 30s, with knife injuries after they were called to a house in Midland Road, Bramhall, at 19:50 BST on Saturday.

The man arrested on suspicion of murder is aged 39 and believed to be the householder.

“Suspected intruder” dead. So police arrest the “believed” “householder” for “suspicion of murder.”

But it gets better.

Floral tributes to the dead man have been laid near the scene.

In other words “We know you died while trying to take something that was not yours and found yourself on the wrong end of a knife wielded by the guy who owns the stuff, but you were an absolutely topping chap so we’re putting some flowers here to mark your death by stupidity.”

Europeans pretty well invented the modern castle, but Americans are the only ones that have them anymore.

**Yes, it could turn out that this really was murder. I’m making some assumptions here. I could be wrong. I’m pretty sure I’m not.**