Smart Land Use?

Or simply catering to a sense of guilt? Eventually, we’ll know:

For many real estate agents trying to sell a house, bigger is better. People want a bigger yard, bigger kitchen and a bigger bedroom. But now one developer in Southeast Portland hopes that “smaller is better” will pay off.

A new development of 29 “micro-homes” is popping up at SE 43rd Avenue and Division Street. A micro-home is a new home, but miniaturized. In some cases, the entire place is right around 360 square feet.

Go and read (and watch the included video).

$120k for 360 square feet is rather pricey (OK, that is an understatement). If Portland were not so concerned about sprawl, the city wouldn’t be addressing an apparent housing shortage in this manner.

4 thoughts on “Smart Land Use?

  1. Interesting, IKEA has several display room of how their furniture works in tiny homes with less than 500 square feet. Gracious living is possible in a small space especially when the outdoors can be one’s living room–weather permitting!

  2. I wonder how big the first cabin was Pa made in Little House on the Prairie. It is amazing how little space the early settlers made do with. Except for mealtimes, bedtime, and bad weather usually the man of the house was working hard outdoors or in the barn. Of course, as the Ingalls family grew Pa added on to his cabin moved to a bigger house in town.

    I think the micro homes is a reaction to the McMansions of 3000 square feet or more. Unless one is given to hospitality or has a good sized family a huge home can be very lonely.

    1. It is true that many of us in the west have more house than we need. If we had less stuff — like Pa — we could do with less space to keep/display it all.

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