Settle Down, Already (Updated)

The essence of science is that it is never settled.  Science is a frontier, not a town.” Well said, indeed.

Science is the continuing advancement of our understanding of an infinitely complex universe. We believe certain things to be true because they have yet to be proven false. We should be very careful when claiming that science supports a particular political stance, such as man-caused global warming climate change. When we are not careful, and the science moves ahead (and perhaps proves the politics wrong) then science as a discipline is devalued. Then, the next time someone invokes science in the support of something, we have more cause to disbelieve whatever someone has settled upon this time.


As PNR notes in the comments, “science” can no more do something than “history” can.  With that in mind, see what the EPA is doing about all of this unsettled science–and weep.

2 thoughts on “Settle Down, Already (Updated)

  1. Science is… Science moves… Reminds me of one of my profs in college. “People like to say things like ‘History says…whatever.’ but History doesn’t say anything. Historians say things. And historians have been known to err.”

    So also for science. The word refers to the broad category of study involving the material universe and on some occasions the technology developed by engineers applying the fruits of that study. But science doesn’t do anything. Scientists do – and like all human beings (including historians), they’ve been known to err.

    1. Granted. Science is not properly an actor–but rather the thing acted upon. Sloppy word usage does not an editor happy make.

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