Senate Wounds Ethanol Subsidies

That should have been the title of this piece in the Argus:

In a historic vote, the Senate soundly decided Thursday to end more than 30 years of ethanol subsidies.

The 73-27 vote to kill the tax credit for the corn-based fuel might not go anywhere because it’s an amendment attached to an economic development bill that could very well die in the Senate. There also are procedural issues that could prevent the House from even taking it up. [emphasis added]

So, it’s dead, but not really, and it may not be any time soon. Of course, saying that ethanol subsidies are dead is bound to get more eyeballs than news of a simple wounding, but it would have been more accurate.

While I’m being picky, one more thing. Every vote, by definition, is historic as soon as it has been cast.

3 thoughts on “Senate Wounds Ethanol Subsidies

  1. I think it’s worth pointing out that, as discouraging as you might find them, the parts you highlight from the Argus are intended to encourage us – our spot at the federal trough might not be eliminated just yet.

    As usual, it’s a great idea to balance the budget and pay off our debt as long as it’s somebody else that does the paying.

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