Romney and Personal Firearms Freedom

We have just under a year to go before selecting a new (or renewed) captain for our ship of state. At present, Governor Romney seems to be on the short list for possible replacements. In the process of examining the governor’s current stance and history on the topic of individuals being permitted to exercise their Second Amendment rights, Herschel Smith researches the minutia.

If you’ve got a bit of time, his article is well worth studying in its entirety. If your time is at a premium, you may read the following summation:

As best as publicly contradictory views can be assessed and summarized, Romney wants firearms only in the hands of sportsmen who hunt, and then only transported to hunting lands in certain ways (I would point out that the second amendment has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with hunting).  Only LEOs have the right to carry, along with a certain small number of other “approved” people.  You have the right to own a handgun in your own home, but only under certain circumstances, and only if you can afford the high price.  If you want to carry that weapon outside the home, you’re a creepy person, perhaps even poorly bred, uncouth and ill mannered.  You’re even more creepy if you want one of those awful assault weapons.  You just want to kill lots of people.

And, that, my friends, does not speak well for Romney.