Respecting Sacrifice

In another indication that many people do not understand the meaning of sacrifice, union protesters papered over a war memorial in the Wisconsin capital building with their protest signs. When called out for their lack of respect, they doubled down. Just A Grunt shares his perspective on the matter:

First off I actually saw the video after Instapundit linked to Ann Althouse’s blog about the matter. I wish to commend the people who confronted the folks manning the booth for remaining so civil, but something inside of me just went dead while watching that. I don’t know if is because of the cumulative effect of having to wage verbal and written jujitsu with so many liberals of all stripes for the last ten years or if it was the introspection I underwent in wondering what my 20 years of service meant and how things haven’t changed in this country with respect to our military and an appreciation of their sacrifices.


I am tired of fighting but beyond that I am just tired. Maybe I am getting old. Maybe it is just finally giving in to the inevitable. Maybe it is because what somebody who is much better with words then me said once. Something like freedom has a taste that those which have fought for it is so sweet and the protected will never know.

Go read the article, and watch the video.

Everything, whether the ability to protest public policy with which one disagrees or the generous coverage of one’s insurance plan, cost somebody something.

Freedom is not free.