Professorial Scabs and Mountebanks

Well, perhaps not the latter:

The Mt. Hood Community College faculty association offered a sharp response Tuesday to MHCC’s plan to hire permanent replacements should union members decide to strike.

Here it comes:

“Quality education is not built overnight; it’s not found by hiring scab labor from online job postings such as Craigslist or rushing to fill an empty classroom with an instructor who is ill-prepared for the job. The College’s threat to replace full-time faculty with scab labor is a rejection of a shared commitment to quality public higher education in East Multnomah County. It is a demonstration that the College Board and its union busting attorney are engaging in a destructive pattern of behavior that will serve only to drive students, faculty and staff from our institution.”

Those are some high-class scabs. I’m guessing that some of them might have advanced degrees and be no less ill-prepared than the current instructors who find striking more advantageous than instructing. Don’t the folks writing this know that self-respecting schools get their scabs from Scabslist and not Craigslist?

2 thoughts on “Professorial Scabs and Mountebanks

  1. If they’re going on strike, it doesn’t strike me that they have much of a “shared commitment to higher education” either. Sounds instead like they have a solo commitment to their own back pockets.

    Which is fine. But it’s also fine, then, for the college board to have a commitment to its bottom line, too.

    1. Indeed. Employment should be a mutually beneficial arrangement. In the event that it is not, it should be dissolved. We seem to have things the wrong way ’round: divorce is culturally encouraged but employers cannot act in their own best interests.

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