Person of The Year is One for the Record

Her remarkable lack of understanding is now on display for all:

For their cover, Time turned to Shepard Fairey, the graphic designer behind the iconic Obama “Hope” posters. On Time’s website, Fairey says he based the cover image on “a composite of 26 different photographs of real protests from around the world.”

But on Wednesday, The Los Angeles Times identified the woman on the cover as “Sarah Mason, a Highland Park resident and an active member of Occupy LA.”

Aha. So it is a real person, not just an icon. And what might make her particularly qualified to be the face of the movement?

“I still have debt and I’m not paying it back because I feel like at this point, I have an obligation to try and disrupt and upset the financial industry,” Mason told 360.

And how did Mason rack up all this debt she now feels she has a moral obligation not to pay?

“I got a credit card because I had no money and I needed a credit card to buy things that were essential to my life during this time. I had already spent all this money on clothes, make-up, accessories, and I got the credit card because I needed to pay my electric bill,” she said.

And why did Mason buy all those clothes, make-up, accessories?

“Most of it was feeling inadequate and insecure and feeling pressure to look a certain way. What I also think is it was that you’re just surrounded by these messages telling you to buy, buy, buy, consume, consume, consume,” she said.

Your honor, I have no more questions.