Patterns, Anyone?

Solyndra. Sounds like a name for a little girl. We now know it as the face of a one half billion dollar mistake made by the President. Now it turns out that this is not the only alternative energy company which took the money and ran itself into the ground.

Here’s the thing. If I break a glass–it’s probably because I made a mistake. If I break a glass every day–I’m not clumsy, I’m stupid. Something needs to change–and it is not the shrinking collection of glasses.

The President and his advisers seem constant in their belief that sufficient desire and money will allow them to bypass the rules of physics and economics. In the case of Solyndra, it has come out that the company knew its competition was producing equivalent product at much lower prices–but it still kept going, burning up money backed by the taxpayers until it was all gone.

Other companies have similar stories of a Disney disregard for the realities of the marketplace. Dreams which are in contravention to reality do not come true, no matter how many stars one wishes upon–or how many stars give press conferences on one’s behalf.