NEA Wants to Give More Money It Does Not Have to South Dakota

Or something like that:

[National Endowment for the Arts Chairman] Landesman hopes his visit spurs more Dakotans’ interest in the NEA. The endowment’s most recent grants were announced Thursday when it awarded 863 of them worth $22.5 million to organizations and people in 47 states.

South Dakota and North Dakota are two of three states not on the list, along Nevada. Landesman says the endowment would like to have a stronger presence in the Dakotas.

Well, this taxpayer would like the NEA to continue to not have any presence in the state. I’ll spend my own money on the arts, thank you. I do not need you or your taxpayer-funded organization deciding winners and losers in the highly-subjective world of fine and not-so-fine arts.

You are welcome.