Today was Memorial Day. Originally Decoration Day, established after the War Between the States, this day has come to be a time of general recognition and respect to those of our family and other kinship groups who are no longer of this physical realm.

Please remember that we have Veteran’s Day for our living veterans. Yes, Memorial Day was established to honor those who had given their lives in service to their country, but it expanded past that into a general day of remembrance. However, to use Memorial Day to honor our living veterans is to misunderstand history.

I know that Memorial Day is the traditional start of summer, with all of the spending which the out-of-school youngsters contribute over the summer, but I suppose I’m old-fashioned enough to wish for a bit more . . . well, respect and even decorum.

Enough of my curmudgeonliness. May we not forget our forbears–especially those who gave their lives in support of this nation and the freedoms for which it still stands.

UPDATE Tuesday

This gentleman says it much better than I.