Maher Misses Mark and Makes Moose Mistake

Sorry, was that too militaristic for a title? Then again, what else did you expect from a right-wing conservative?

I know that Bill Maher is supposed to be humorous. I wish he were. He and Jay Leno (who can be cleanly funny from time to time) had a bit of chat. Here is the video of it.

At about 2 minutes in, Maher gives us his words of wisdom on the Arizona tragedy. Here is a partial transcript:

First of all [the NRA] should just change its name to The Assassins’ Lobby. . . . I’m tired of hearing about the Second Amendment and the Constitution. If you love guns, just admit it. It’s a vice. It’s like alcohol or drugs or sex addiction. . . . It’s not good for you or anybody else, you just like it. But stop the b__s__t about the Second Amendment and the Constitution because nobody needs a gun that fires 31 rounds. Although Sarah Palin needed 5 to shoot that moose that was basically at the end of the couch.

And then Mr. Leno comes back in and they discuss the bit about the magazine being illegal and then legal (which is absolutely incorrect).

Let’s see what we have here. Mr. Maher conflates being in favor of the Second Amendment with actively seeking the illegal killing of public officials. He admits he is tired of hearing about the Second Amendment in particular and the Constitution in general. He admits that there are vices, but claims that loving guns is one of them. Did I mention that he doesn’t like the Second Amendment or the Constitution? Then he goes for a completely gratuitous dig at Mrs. Palin and apparently does not understand the difference between a moose and a caribou.

I wonder if Mr. Maher (who for some reason is paid crazy money to make, well, crazy statements about things he apparently doesn’t understand) has ever needed the protection of armed bodyguards? Does he believe that such protection is materially different from those of us who cannot afford to have personal protective services within earshot and so choose to do what we are able to ourselves?

2 thoughts on “Maher Misses Mark and Makes Moose Mistake

  1. Did you notice Leno’s comment that if the high-cap magazines weren’t re-legal, then the guy wouldn’t have been able to shoot as many people, as if this guy would be concerned with following the law.

    Isn’t it strange that this type forgets that mass killing has always been illegal, but that doesn’t seem to stop the crazies from doing it. Neither will bans on certain types of guns, magazines.

    1. NT,

      Yes, the logic does seem to be missing. It would appear that Loughner broke several laws. How in the world would one more law have made any difference to this arguably non-rational person?

      As I’ve noted before, we are told that environment (context) is to blame for these actions, and not the poor choices of the people themselves. Will anyone be surprised when the suspect pleads not guilty by reason of insanity?

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