Keystone Almost Back Online?

Dare I say that it is about time?

U.S. regulators have allowed a Canadian company to restart its Keystone oil pipeline after completing repairs and safety tests.

The pipeline was shut down a week ago because 10 barrels of oil leaked in Kansas (after a 400 bbl leak in North Dakota one month ago). 400 gallons of crude oil was enough to shut down the pipeline which normally carries 400,000 bbls per day. That is, 1/40,000th of a day’s throughput.

I probably spilled that much crude through ignorance and lack of skill back when I was well-tending and cleaning out old wells. Overreact much?

2 thoughts on “Keystone Almost Back Online?

  1. The fact that TransCanada ships a whole lot more oil at much higher pressure than you and I does not excuse them for spilling more oil and building pumping stations that can’t handle the pressure.

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