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PNR referred to this in the comments of an earlier post (about the Department of Education craziness in California) but it warrants its own space.

In brief, a local SWAT team in Pima County Arizona performed a forced entry on a house where lived a man, Jose Guerena, who was suspected of illegal drug activities. In the process of entering the house, the SWAT team fired 70 rounds of ammunition. Jose was killed. Many, many questions remain about what led up to the events and how the SWAT team conducted themselves during and after the course of the shooting.

Mike at Confederate Yankee has been following this situation with informed interest. He is former USAF and a former police officer well versed in SWAT tactics and police procedures in general. His analysis of what happened and is happening is well worth your time (and it will take some time).

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

2 thoughts on “Jose Guerena Analysis

  1. That analysis is damning – untrained, undisciplined, unfeeling, ill-equipped, leaderless, clueless and more of a danger to brother officers and innocents than they ever would be to actual bad guys. That this happened in the United States of America is unconscionable and that entire “police” organization should be revamped, head-to-foot.

    None of this would have been tolerated for a moment in Guerena’s outfit in the heat of battle in Iraq or Afghanistan. It should not be countenanced here.

    I might also point out that this is the sheriff’s department whose “leader” spent far more time blaming conservatives for Congresswoman Gifford’s shooting than investigating it.

    Tucson also has attempted to nullify Arizona’s laws concerning illegal aliens, essentially inviting the drug-running this so-called “SWAT” team was so anxious to fight against.

    1. Truly the data does not look good. I hope that authorities (other than the sheriff who was in charge of this embarrassment) will dig into this and right some of the many wrongs which appear to have been done. It is stories like this which devalue good LEO officers across the country.

      The actions on the part of the officers involved were far less than professional–indeed, if any professionals were involved in this incident they should be ashamed that they countenanced it.

      I do not when the sheriff is up for election, but I trust that enough right-thinking citizens remain in Pima county to hope for some real change.

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