It’s In the Pipeline–Maybe

There are no benefits without costs. The Keystone XL pipeline would bring quite a bit of benefit both to businesses and the consumers in this country. Are there costs associated with the pipeline? Absolutely. One which has been brought up on several occasions is the possibility of spills/leaks. Yes, there will be leaks. Yes, there will be cleanup. No, leaks will not destroy the aquifer. No, tar sands oil is not the equivalent of liquid nuclear waste. (OK, no one has said that, to my knowledge–but based on the degree to which people are exercised over this, I am surprised it hasn’t been mentioned.)

Business Week:

Environmentalists opposed to TransCanada Corp.’s Keystone XL pipeline encircled the White House, urging President Barack Obama to reject the project even if it means overruling his own State Department.

“It will be the real test of his character, you know: Is he going to stand with people’s power, or oil power?” Bill McKibben, organizer of the demonstration, said in an interview after the rally in Washington yesterday whose sponsors said it drew as many as 12,000 people.

Sorry, Mr. McKibben, but Obama’s character has been tested numerous times already. If you do not know what he’s made of–then you’ve not been paying attention. You just go ahead and keep hoping his character will change.

Steven of PowerLine:

Supposedly the decision was going to be made by the end of this year, but now the White House says Obama will take his time into next year.  At the very least, Obama has decided that he’s going to really anger one faction or another.  Or he’s hoping to put it off until after the next election, when he’ll probably nix the pipeline, since he’s drunk fully of the “green energy” Kool Aid, which he and Stephen Chu apparently really think is just a few years off.  (I note that the pipeline, and the jobs it would generate, will run exclusively through red states, and who wants to reward those bitter clingers.)