It Is the Economy, Isn’t It?

Herman Cain has been talking about 9 9 9. Rick Perry has just come out with 20-20. There are elements of both which are attractive to me, but I think the best thing going right now is that these presidential hopefuls are admitting to the world that the current system of taxation is not sustainable if we are to recover economically.

I do not know the last time we have had a serious national discussion about the taxation and the cost of government from the perspective that government is costing you and me far more than it needs to.

It’s about time.

2 thoughts on “It Is the Economy, Isn’t It?

  1. That is Taxation or how to stop the engineered devaluation of the dollar. I am not interested in Herman Cain’s 999 plan. I wouldn’t trust anyone who worked for the Federal Reserve and as for Perry a Logan Act violator full of excuses (I lived in Texas for 18 years) whatever he says is pure establishment BS.
    I love Ron Paul’s plan which was recently endorsed by Rush Limbaugh. Cut 5 Cabinet Agencies, Cut Taxes, Cut President’s Pay

    You have to respect Ron Paul (who is leading in Iowa GOP donations), as he is the only top tier candidate in the last 8 years to open the eyes of Americans that the Income Tax started with the central bank which has been defeated two other times in history. For two candidates to come up with fancy ways to make it easier to pay w/o proper disclosure on where the income tax actually goes is unjust.

    I think most Americans who rely on alternate media for their sources see that the government departments which are unconstitutional need to be dismantled as well as the centralization of power back to the states. Ron Paul can get it done because as President, 100’s of freedom and liberty candidates will have a stage to force out the long time establishment left/right corporate representatives.

    1. Thanks for the Ron Paul info. Yes, he also has some good ideas. Be nice if he and the aforementioned pair would get together and combine the best of all suggested approaches.

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