Insurance Fail

Some people will be surprised, but a nearly 100% risk is impossible very hard to insure:

A federal official says people who bought flood insurance at the last minute after learning of plans to release record amounts of water through the Missouri River reservoir system will not have coverage for damage caused by the rising water.

Why? Because the flood insurance does not kick in for 30 days after it is purchased. However, given the rest of our tax dollars which are regularly wasted, I wonder at the inconsistency shown here.

Here’s another question. Why did someone sell them this coverage if the seller knew it would do them no good? I’m guessing that it was because the person doing the selling was a government employee who was unconcerned with anything outside of checking off the necessary boxes.


Or the seller might have been an insurance agent who didn’t care past the commission on the transaction. In any case, the seller was not thinking wisely and did not effectively communicate the limitations of the coverage to to the buyer.