How You Gonna Keep ‘Em Down On the Farm?

Please, people. How much more of this will it take before we wake up and smell the manure? The US Department of Labor has determined that working on a farm is too dangerous for the children:

[T]he proposed rules would prohibit most children under age 16 from driving tractors, using power equipment, working with livestock in certain circumstances and doing work at heights over 6 feet.

Federal officials say the rules are needed because farming is one of the nation’s most dangerous occupations, but many farmers say children learn important life lessons and might develop an interest in agriculture by working on farms or ranches.

Note the phrasing “one of the nation’s most dangerous occupations.” It is dangerous. Just like a bunch of other occupations. As JWF notes, however, farming as an industry is ranked below several others in terms of danger:

The problem is working on a farm isn’t the most dangerous occupation for children. According to the CDC these are the most dangerous jobs.

The Centers for Disease Control examined occupational fatalities for workers under 24 and found that the greatest number of deaths occurred in the following sectors.
Services (32%)
Construction (28%)
Wholesale and Retail Trade (10%)
Agriculture (10%)

Yup according to the CDC working at Wal Mart is just as dangerous as working on a farm.

If the federal government does not  protect the children from everything which is necessary to permit them to mature into functioning adults, who will?

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    1. I’m thinking that the Department of Labor should simply replace the younger workers they are looking to outlaw–as in replace with themselves. We would see how soon the law was modified.

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