How Does One Encourage Concealed Carry?

Make a concealed carry license a prerequisite for the equivalent of using the HOV lane:

Security is newly tightened at the Texas Capitol, but plenty of gun-toting visitors can breeze right through.

Concealed handgun license holders walk through a special lane marked “CHL Access” around, and not through, the metal detectors put in place last year after a man fired shots outside the statehouse.

Schoolchildren and tourists, meanwhile, have to walk through metal detectors and put their bags and keys through scanners.

Lovely. Guess who is signing up?

“It’s not like they just whoosh on through,” said Tela Mange, a spokeswoman for the Texas Department of Public Safety. Permit holders must undergo criminal background checks and take classes to get the licenses.

But they do move through quickly enough that lobbyists, and even some journalists, have signed up in droves for the $140 licenses, even if they have no intention of carrying a weapon into the statehouse.

Perhaps they ought to make it a requirement than one actually be carrying in order to hit the fast lane. Here’s part of the story that I could not but laugh at:

The fear of getting stuck in line behind hundreds of schoolchildren led Carrie Kroll, director of advocacy and health policy for the Texas Pediatric Society, to get her concealed handgun license ahead of the legislative session.

“Do I think it’s silly?” Kroll asked. “Yes.”

Woman whose job is described as “advocate[ing] on issues of importance to children as well as the practice of pediatrics” does not like waiting in line behind children. So, despite the silliness, she’s licensed to carry now.

HT: Of Arms and the Law