How About the Biggest Babysitter?

Ms. Trunk has had an epiphany:

[T]hen I noticed how the US school system is really just the biggest babysitting institution in the world. My first clue, probably, was that I was dying to have my kids back in school so I could have my life back. What else can I do to get time alone? How else can I do some work? Work is very fun.

I love work. I love how people tell me how great I am when I am right. I love when I sell something and make a lot of money, when I create a great job for someone, when I give great career advice. Work is so rewarding. I get accolades and I get money. It’s a toxic combination.

She likes work. Children get in the way of work. So she found she wasn’t sending them to school for their benefit–but for hers.

That wasn’t all she figured out:

Believe me. There is absolutely no evidence that middle class kids from college educated parents should be sitting in a classroom. Find me some. Really. Put it in the comments. Because if I could have found some, my kids would be in a classroom today.

The author is still working through her competing interests and her role as a mother and educator–but she’s doing a good job of asking hard questions and not assuming that she should do something because that’s the way it has always been done.

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