High Stakes Indeed

Imperfect America starts strong:

We are at the beginning of the most consequential domestic conflict the United States has fought since the Civil War. Like the battle between the Blue and Grey, this one is for the continued existence of the country.

Overstating things? I do not believe so. He also notes that the tactics being used to keep the taxpayer money flowing are not new:

Six years ago Arnold Schwarzenegger went through the much of what Scott Walker is experiencing today. Faced with perhaps the most left leaning legislature and population in the country, the Governator eventually took down his reform shingle and became just another GOP speed bump on California’s march to economic suicide.

Governor Schwarzenegger, for all his film bravado, did not do the right thing when it was needed most. Governor Walker, so far, is staying true to what he has set out to do.

As noted elsewhere in the quoted article, he is not alone. Christie and Kasich (of NJ and OH, respectively) are following a similar path in their states. I would be unsurprised to see even more states’ governors get on the budgeting wagon as they see that there really are not any other options short of bankruptcy.

Talking about a “domestic conflict” brings to mind the truth that a majority of conflicts within marriages are rooted in financial issues. Financial security (which includes not incurring debts which one is unlikely to be able to repay) is critical to marriage since it undergirds so many other areas. The same holds true for financial security for states. Lacking such security, the states open themselves up to an entire array of difficulties–difficulties which often lead their residents to go and find a more friendly and stable state in which to live.