Herseth Sandlin Readying for Rematch?

I suppose that this wasn’t too hard to see coming:

Former Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin is considering running again for South Dakota’s seat in the House of Representatives, she said Wednesday.

A rematch against Rep. Kristi Noem, who beat Herseth Sandlin by two percent of voters in the Nov. 2010 election, is one of the options Herseth Sandlin is considering. She’s being encouraged to do so by national Democrats.

“Certainly an opportunity for me to serve South Dakota in elected office at some point, either in the near term or down the line, is something I’ll evaluate because of how much I enjoyed serving,” Herseth Sandlin said.

Did she really enjoy serving? Or, as is the case with too many of our elected officials, did she enjoy the power that came with the office (including the power to treat all too many of her constituents as though they could not do the math)?

If she does decide to move ahead with this option, I’m thinking the match will be harder fought than last time on both sides–considering that both will have federal votes to hide (or hide behind, as the case may be.)

Viva la competition!

4 thoughts on “Herseth Sandlin Readying for Rematch?

  1. I said after Nov. 4 that SHS would provide a clue to her future plans 1) if she could find a “sponsor” to provide a “job” for the next 18-20 months, and 2) if she maintained her residence in South Dakota. A Democratic member of the Brookings County Commission gave up his spot on the Innovation Center board of directors [it’s a campus-related entity] so Stephanie could serve [the job doesn’t pay hardly anything, but it has some visibility]. Perhaps the Farmers Union or Wheat Growers or rural electrics need time to put together a package.

  2. Patrick,

    Seems as though your prognosticating was quite good. It does make sense for her to consider a political future in SD rather than TX (her husband’s state). Up here, she is still a big fish. Down there, she would be a small fish indeed.

  3. She is apparently becoming a lobbyist too. Can she do that work in DC via computer from Brookings in her spare time from her other “job?” She is living here, you know (!)

    1. JM,

      Looks as though we must wait and see. She probably could telecommute for part of the time. And, work as a lobbyist is not always a negative (when it comes to the voters). Depending on who her clients are (ag industry, etc) she could improve on her current standing in the state.

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