Happy 235th Birthday, United States of America

Some birthdays are simply more enjoyable when shared. While my wife and others of my acquaintance are less and less likely to call attention to their birthdays as they grow older, the birthday of what is still an exceptional country is best celebrated by as many as will call her their own and who will not forget the circumstances of her birth.

If we consider a generation to be about 30 years, we are closing out the 8th generation of Americans who have lived under the protection and benefit of this nation. Eight generations. We have gone from roughly 2,500,000 people living in 13 freshly minted states of a combined land mass of 360,000 square miles to more than 300,000,000 in 50 states with a land mass of about 3,618,000 square miles.

Our population has increased by a factor of 100 and our land by a factor of 10–and yet the freedoms set forth in the Declaration of Independence are no less true today than they were in the time of the original old, dead, white guys. Remember that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness were recognized as unalienable rights: that is, in the words of a well known song “they can’t take that away from you.” Governments have abused and curtailed such rights in time past and present, but a love for freedom, predicated on the very laws of nature and nature’s God has seen such governments come and go.

MikeM soberly considers how far we have fallen and that hope yet remains:

But on this 4th of July, as fireworks soar into the night sky, so too may our hopes. All is not lost, not yet anyway. Even if a surprising and disgusting portion of Americans no longer believe that America is the one exceptional and indispensable nation, billions around the world do and they would, if they could, vote in the most sincere manner possible: they would vote with their feet and move here to become what far too many of us, starting with our president, no longer appreciate. They know what it is to be an American. They have no doubt of its distinction and value.

We may yet stave off disaster and decline. Such things are a matter of choice. By embracing the simple truths by which the first Americans lived their lives, we too may restore America to what she should be.

And, finally, we have a few words from a man that you all know (or at least know of):