Haley Understands Freedom

Earlier, I wrote about the Boeing vs NLRB matter. Thankfully, it would appear that interest in the actions of the NLRB and its union backers is increasing–and that the issue, having been brought into the public eye, will not simply be made to disappear because it does not fit the narrative. Why do I say this? Because Governor Haley of South Carolina is turning up the heat:

Haley, for her part, is baffled by how the feds think that they can kick around a private company, picking and choosing where it operates. “There is no case; this is ridiculous,” she says. “It is an embarrassment for the NLRB. The unions are losing and this is nothing more than a desperate attempt to see if they can make their voices relevant again.”

But it is, Haley asserts, a “national fight,” with political implications for both parties. “I am going to fight this every step of the way,” she says. “We absolutely will not accept the bullying. This is a direct assault on right-to-work states.” In the coming days, the governor will urge the president — and the Republicans hoping to beat him in 2012 — to take sides.

Haley challenges President Obama to rally behind her. “I want to ask him why he is allowing unelected bureaucrats to come in and do the unions’ dirty work on the backs of our businesses,” she says. “It’s hurting the jobs in South Carolina and every other right-to-work state. He owes us an answer.”

Indeed he does. However, I think another answer is unlikely–since he has already given one. Seeing that the NLRB reports to Obama (that is, it is a part of the Executive Branch) I am fairly certain that the current actions being taken by the NLRB with regard to Boeing are blessed by the President. If not, why has he not already spoken?

Haley absolutely understands that this is a political attack on right-to-work states. As I had noted previously, the way the complaint is worded, it could apply to any company which is currently based in a non right-to-work state and wishes to expand/build in a right-to-work state. Her use of the term bullying is apt, seeing that the federal government uses its considerable heft and power to ensure that states toe the line.

Go read the whole article.