Got No Stinking Long Term Deficit Problem, No Sir

We have a massive problem with government spending–and far beyond that we have serious problems with monetary policies and systems throughout this country and around the world. Surely everyone can see this by now.

Well, not quite everyone, apparently:

So what is to be done? This is not a moment to describe policies that would, for example, create jobs, build infrastructure, or deal with energy or climate change. Nothing like that can happen now until ideas change. And the first change must be to challenge and reject all the nonsense about long-term budget deficits, national bankruptcy or insolvency, and even “fiscal responsibility” that we are hearing. The entire object of this propaganda campaign is to cripple government—including regulation and the courts—and to roll back Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. The defense of those successful, effective—and yes, sustainable—programs just became far more difficult, and perhaps impossible. But it needs to be carried on to the last ditch.

Reminds me of the Japanese soldiers who were going to die to the last man (and did on some of the islands) because to admit defeat was to admit that the emperor was not God.

Faith. It can be a terrible thing.