Forcing the Issue

I know I shared most of my thoughts on the Sioux Falls Events Center the other day, but there is one more thing which I would like to address before tomorrow’s vote.

In a radio spot which has been playing regularly over the last several days, two women from Sioux Falls meet up in Sioux City and compare notes on the events they have just attended in Sioux City and Omaha. One of the women says that she is “forced” to leave Sioux Falls to attend these out-of-state events.

I understand advertising. I also understand lying. To claim that anyone is “forced” to go elsewhere to enjoy some particular form of entertainment is to abuse the word and to ignore the remarkable freedom of movement which we enjoy as citizens of this country, this state and this community.

Tomorrow, no one is being forced to vote. The next day, no one is forced to remain in Sioux Falls–regardless of how the vote turns out. If the events center comes, no one is forced to attend certain events.

In short, the only forcing going on here is the message. We are being told, by the backers of the events center, that the lack of an events center is allowing people to *gasp* spend money in other states for entertainment services they desire.

Amazing. What next? A parity requirement that any South Dakotan who vacations outside the state must ensure that extended family members from other states spend the same amount of time and money in South Dakota within the given calendar year or the South Dakotan will be prevented from leaving the state for external vacations in the next calendar year?

2 thoughts on “Forcing the Issue

  1. I’m thinking that ad – with its two insipid female characters complaining that they have to go all the way to Omaha for a Tim McGraw concert or some such – is actually doing more to inspire the “no” vote than anything else.

    Besides the nonsense about being “forced” to attend a concert in Omaha, there is the notion that the city’s tax revenues are appropriately spent to spare a couple vapid bubble-heads a trip to Omaha.

    I pray it goes down. But then, all it means is they’ll revamp the proposal and try again in 6-9 months.

    1. You may be right. Reasonable people do tend to object to being portrayed as “bubble-heads” even in advertisements.

      I think it will go down. If it does come back, then it will just need to be voted down again, and again. The current mayor will not be in office for forever.

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