Do Lightbulbs Matter?


You may have heard that incandescent light bulbs are on the way out. Based on a bill passed in 2007 (under the previous administration, I know) the bulbs are phased out–made illegal to manufacture–by degrees over the next several years. Some people are very happy because the think these bulbs are so terribly inefficient. They are welcome to think that and to not buy them. Unfortunately, these same people wish the force of government to be brought to bear to keep me in the same darkness.

I see the government’s doing away with most of incandescent bulbs as all of a piece with the government’s requiring us to purchase¬† health insurance. Though these are opposites in terms of criticality and risk (different light bulbs probably will not have a negative affect on my health) these two efforts are the same at the core.

In a nutshell, people who are far more intelligent that you or me–we know this because they told us so–have determined that we are unable to direct our own lives in decisions large (health care) or small (light bulbs). Therefore, they are, in the manner of the gods of Greek myth, making decisions on our behalf which will result in the most beneficial outcome–to the gods. The people? Not so much.

The basis for forcing the change away from incandescent bulbs is based on less than solid facts. Anthropogenic global warming (AGW) continues to lose credibility in the wake of the shenanigans of those who benefited by all the hullabaloo over rising sea levels, shrinking polar bear populations, and other things which are simply not so.

We know that the compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) which are to replace the incandescents are hardly neutral in their impact on the environment, whether one looks at their manufacture or disposal.

Then there is much greater expense of the replacement technology.

And one could go on.

The bottom line is this: we need our elected officials to repeal the foolishness that will take a product with more than 100 years of remarkable societal benefit out of our marketplace because doing so will somehow be good for us poor benighted children.

It is time to right a small thing which will have a huge negative impact.


4 thoughts on “Do Lightbulbs Matter?

  1. I will continue to stockpile my incandescent light bulbs. They work just fine, and I don’t have to call a hazmat team to dispose of them! And besides, the claims attributed to the new type bulbs have been proven to be highly inflated as to time they last etc. I’m a grown person, have a brain, really am able to make decisions for myself, and am highly averse to losing the freedom to choose either light bulbs or health care. REPEAL the laws dealing with both!!!

    1. The good thing is that lightbulbs will (unlike foodstuffs) last for decades if kept dry. The bad thing is that we even need to consider stockpiling as an option.

      Please remain highly averse to losing your freedoms–and encourage others to increase their own aversion.

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