Controlling Norway

Norway has a history of not trusting its citizens to care for their own safety. In that country, there is no right to own/keep firearms which is set in law. As I understand it, it is against current law for someone who is not a member of the military/police to carry a weapon in either a concealed or open fashion in public places.

John of PowerLine makes this sad point:

Many facts are still unknown, but at this point it appears that a key ingredient in the tragedy was the fact that the killer had the only gun on the island. It is, really, one of the ultimate horror scenarios: hundreds of kids, accompanied by a relative handful of adults, isolated on an island with a crazed killer. The outcome might have been very different if some of those adults had been armed.

Would the same thing happen here, if, for example, there was a group of a thousand or so Boy Scouts assembled with their leaders? I am not sure. Thinking back on my native South Dakota, it is hard to imagine a mass murder being carried out over an extended period of time because there is no one nearby with a firearm. In any event, if the adults who are responsible for the safety of similar groups of kids here in the U.S. haven’t been arming themselves, especially in isolated conditions, they should consider doing so.

Though I cannot presume to speak for Mr. Hinderaker, I am quite certain that neither he nor I would by any means claim that the person responsible for the shooting should not bear the full consequences of his actions–regardless of what anyone else did or did not do.

Nonetheless, it is apparent that the leaders of a society which has largely bought into the idea that inanimate objects are intrinsically evil–and that humans are only bad if they are placed into a bad environment–may need to reconsider their thinking.

Expect calls for additional invasions of personal privacy to ensure that Norwegian citizens will be unable to even think about a gun before Uncle Olaf has them incarcerated in one of those lovely Norwegian prisons.