Clergy Turned Upside Down

I promise that I’ll attempt to write about something other than Walker, Wisconsin Governor. Maybe I’ll get to that new subject tomorrow.

Several religious leaders have offered to help out with the troubles in Wisconsin. Good? Well, it might be, except that they are offering assistance to the senators who have been ducking their responsibilities:

Clergy from Illinois say they will offer sanctuary to Democratic senators who fled Wisconsin Thursday in an effort to stop Gov. Scott Walker’s controversial budget repair bill.

Catholic, Protestant and Jewish leaders from Wisconsin and Illinois plan a conference call with reporters this afternoon to discuss their support of collective bargaining rights for public employees.

What we are seeing here is a number of  people who one would think have at some point either preached or taught or otherwise encouraged conformance with the laws of Moses and/or the teachings of Christ going out of their way to publicly condone the behavior of individuals who are failing to keep their oaths of office, among other things.

One wonders where the “Reverend” Wright is these days. This sounds like something right up his convoluted not-found-anywhere-in-the-bible way of thinking.

Let’s forget that religions (as least the Jewish and Christian religions) are focused on man’s relationship with God. Instead, let us focus on man’s relationship with his union–because that is what really matters. And while we are at it, let us forget that the only time Christ counseled disobeying the laws of man was when those laws ran counter to the laws of God.

Let’s just say that I’m really interested to see the scripture in which God advocates collective bargaining.

3 thoughts on “Clergy Turned Upside Down

  1. When bishops deny the Bible they were appointed to defend and teach, when denominational assemblies get more energized by proposals to send letters to governments instead of to their flocks, and every half-wit with a clerical collar is hoping to make the nightly news with his somniatic “wisdom”, can you really be surprised at a news story like this?

    The church in many of its manifestations has long since been politicized along secular lines. And much of the leadership – especially in those denominations that require passage through the halls of a radicalized, left-wing academia for ordination – is liberal. Some manage to either avoid or recover from such miseducation, but not very many.

    1. P&R,

      I suppose I’m not surprised as much as I am saddened by the whole deal. We’ve got preachers who don’t preach (well, not the gospel, it would seem) supporting teachers who don’t teach.

      What’s next, leaders who don’t lead? Oh, wait a minute . . . .

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