Certainly, Maybe, A Democrat Will Run Against Noem

I would welcome a challenger or challengers for the South Dakota Representative (AL) in 2012. From DU, we have the following:

There will be a Democratic opponent for Kristi Noem in 2012

That’s the title. Just what a title should be: firm and to the point.

There may be several possible opponents.
That’s the first sentence: with not one but two imprecise terms which negate the punch of the title.

2 thoughts on “Certainly, Maybe, A Democrat Will Run Against Noem

  1. I read the post. It wasn’t thrilling or new, but the headline is accurate. Jeff Barth said he will run unless SHS does. That means there will be a Democratic opponent.Your rephrase is true as well: There may be several other opponents… and I certainly wouldn’t mind a big primary. Kristi Noem certainly benefited from her three-way primary campaign. Dems would, too!

    1. I’m glad to know the headline is accurate. That next sentence still dilutes the power of the headline (and is from the article, not my phrasing of it).

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