CCW Law Changes To Be Implemented in July

As noted here, the bill permitting legal residents who are non-US citizens to carry concealed has passed. Since that time, I can report that the governor has signed the bill and it is now law.

Unfortunately for any who are wanting to celebrate (such as a friend of mine who has chosen South Dakota as his home for the last 9 years) those persons will have to celebrate in July–according to information provided by the Secretary of State’s office when my friend made a call to inquire if he could pop down the sheriff’s office on Friday afternoon and procure his new CCW permit.

Apparently, as I had thought earlier, it will take some while before the new regulations are sent out to all the sheriffs and staff are trained on the additional background checking which must occur for non-citizens. Despite the need for delayed gratification, I remain grateful that the law has been changed to ensure much greater consistency with the rest of South Dakota’s gun laws.


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