6 thoughts on “Break’s Over

  1. I hit 12 of 12….I don’t want to brag, but….wait, ok, yes I do lol.

    But seriously, the more knowledge of current events out there, the better we can do for the country. I think that the recent few years have really shocked some folks into awareness…resulting in a surge of common sense this past fall. Hopefully the common sense can continue.

  2. I managed 10 out of 12. My mistake was actually thinking that the government actually reports factual numbers on inflation & spending. DUH! Won’t make that mistake again.

  3. here’s the latest on the bogus inflation question at PEW which all should know is a left leaning political tracking/polling site:

    The government’s “official” inflation rate is based on annual changes in the consumer price index – which conveniently excludes food and energy costs. A Wal-Mart survey puts real price inflation at around 4 percent, an even more disturbing assessment comes from economists like John Williams of ShadowStats.com, who pegs inflation at a shocking 8.5 percent. And that’s before the Federal Reserve’s most recent expansion of the money supply, euphemistically dubbed “quantitative easing” or QE. As Whistleblower reports, the head of the world’s largest mutual fund, Bill Gross, says the Fed’s latest reckless action – so called “QE2” – may result in the U.S. dollar losing 20 percent of its value

    Read more: INFLATION NATION http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=245633#ixzz1A1hZLaFc

    1. Lisa,

      Thank you for the info. Yes, the question could be construed as a little misleading. It is quite likely that real inflation is much, much higher than what is currently being reported. When it comes to bad financial news,the federal government tends to sit on it/play it down as long as possible–under the mistaken (IMO) assumption that it will keep things from getting worse.

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