BP Sees the Light

Apparently, our cousins over the big water could have used some chaps (and chapettes) with degrees in sustainability. Lacking that, however, they simply had to move ahead with the hard data (via Via Media since there is a paywall):

BP will close the chapter on more than 40 years of history after deciding to shut down its solar business, once regarded as one of its flagship alternative energy divisions.

The group has told staff that it had made the decision after the business became unprofitable. […]

“Over the last six months we have realised that we simply can’t make any money from solar,” a spokesman confirmed.

It took more than 40 years for the facts to sink in–or more probably, it took that long before the subsidies no longer were worth the hassle.

South Dakota, let’s not waste even the next 10 years chasing something with public money which decades of research and development have shown does not add up.