Betting on Lame

I realize that the author of this piece may be trying to provide us with good news, but I have a hard time seeing it. In brief, one of his key points is that we should not be too concerned about the dollar (and US bonds) because every other currency and country is in poor shape, too.

We are at the race track and all we have to bet on is race after race which is comprised of spavined, swaybacked steeds.

Is it wrong to not be excited about that?

4 thoughts on “Betting on Lame

  1. All this amounts to is a version of some 8-year-old complaining that “Billy’s Mom let’s him do it!”

    1. We should trust in God. Yet, we do wish our currency to stop going down down down to the point where no body trusts it enough to use it for money.

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