Being Careful Is Good

Words get us into trouble more often than they get us out, don’t they?

A judge made the comment (about someone brought before him for trial) that “police don’t arrest innocent people.” This was not the judge’s first case. He should know, given his first-hand knowledge of humanities failures that policemen do in fact arrest innocent people from time to time. Now there is a kerfuffle over the matter and the (now-convicted) felon has had his conviction overturned. It is up to the South Dakota Supreme Court to sort out the mess.

A rancher is reported to have agreed to have someone build a fence for him. Unfortunately, the outfit which was planning to build the fence did not get to do the work. Now, a lawsuit has been filed against the rancher. (I mention this one because it almost sounds like a verbal contract and not a written one). If you make an agreement, you honor it.

While I am not either of the people who may wish they hadn’t said what they did, I have my own share of regrettable statements–as I’m certain do you. Let’s be a bit more careful, shall we?