Avoiding Social Program Truths

In the midst of the imbroglio that is the recognition of a money crisis that has existed for far longer than the August 2 deadline, we are reminded that if government shuts down, innocent people are going to suffer horrible things. Right. Because Government is the source of all good things (or perhaps not):

[M]uch of the Left’s argument is often built around a baseless assumption that cuts (or even decreases in the rate of increase) in social programs will create a void that nothing will fill. In reality, the choice is not between Medicare and death or food stamps and starvation. Families (even broken families), friends, churches, and secular charities can and will step in with care that is more efficient, more effective, and more lovingly delivered than that provided by even the most well-intentioned bureaucracy.

Exactly. How many people in our country today go just about immediately from thinking that people should care for themselves to thinking that government should care for everyone who struggles to care for himself? Where are the intermediate helpers? Even today we still have them–but the longer we as a culture continue to ignore them in favor of Uncle Sugar the more quickly these helpers will dry up and blow away.