Are You Civics-Minded?

Take the test and find out. Leave your notes in the comments about how well you did.

I confess to getting only 32 answers correct. Improvement is needed.

10 thoughts on “Are You Civics-Minded?

  1. I took it and got 29 of 33 right (87.88%). Not perfect but better than the college professors! Some of the answers I was able to answer correctly because of information I learned from 9.12 meetings actually.

  2. I got 32 of 33 right as you did – the wording in both the question and possible answers on the balanced-budget one threw me.

    1. I missed the one about the public spending and the levee. I think the basic rule of test taking applies to this one–don’t overthink it.

  3. 32 out of 33! Whoo-hoo! PNR, I think I missed the same one you did. Sloppy reading on my part.

    I’d love to sample the blogosphere and the South Dakota press and compare scores.

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