World Cup of Stupidity Runneth Over

I’m not a football, aka soccer, fan. I am mildly interested that the quadrennial World Cup is in progress. I would like to see the United States team win (though I’m told it is a very long shot) because I am a fan of my country. I do not think I am alone–but am concerned that this person might not be:

I love the World Cup. And I love America — it’s my hometown! But I would not love to see America win the World Cup.

Frankly, we don’t need another feather in our already overstuffed cap. And considering soccer is the world’s game — and most of the world is at odds with America at any given moment — I think it might be a nice idea for Uncle Sam, in an effort to promote world harmony, to lie down in South Africa.

Has this person not noticed that our election of Barack Obama as President, which was also championed by those who desired world harmony as the outcome, has met with whimpering failure?

Whatever happened to “don’t play unless you play to win”? Anything less than maximum effort on our part would diminish the possible win of our opponents and would forever brand us as the wussies on the pitch.

Allow me to say that the above writer may indeed love the World Cup and America, God knows his heart. He does not, however, love the true competitiveness of a world-class sporting event half as much as he loves thinking that the world somehow deserves that we bow to everyone who is not us.