Will Herseth Sandlin Flip Her Health Bill Vote for Obama?

While it is difficult to know the precise motivations which supported her “No” the last time around, it would appear that the pressure to say “Yes” is reaching maximum:

[]President Barack Obama invited Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin and nine other House Democrats to the White House Wednesday night where the president tried to convince them to vote for the latest version of his health care initiative.[]

Calling it “his . . . initiative” seems to be stretching things a bit. Rather, he took one of the existing bills, mixed it with a bit of special Republican topping and is apparently trying to lay claim to result. But, I digress. The question is, where will Representative Herseth Sandlin be after all of this wooing?

[]Herseth Sandlin on Wednesday praised Obama’s inclusion of Republican ideas but said she has not decided how she would vote on the revamped proposal.

Herseth Sandlin said the earlier House health care bill did not meet the dual goals of increasing access to quality care while cutting costs.

She said she will examine the language of the latest Obama proposal to see if it accomplishes those twin goals.

“There are many details yet to be determined, and as this package comes together, I will closely examine the legislation to determine its effect on South Dakota families, businesses and health care providers,” she said in a prepared statement. “It’s also critically important to understand the impact on the cost of health care going forward.”[]

If she is to be honest, then the latest bill does not meet the goals of “increasing access to quality care while cutting costs” either. Of course, she might just be waffling to ensure that she gets a nice meal at the White House, but I think it unlikely. It is more probable that some dealing is going on right now (and will continue over the next several days).

Unfortunately, I’m concerned that the thinking behind some who are backing this bill (and even some who are not currently, but may in the future) is not unlike the thinking behind electing the first permanently tanned president–they want to be part of something big, something historical, something that just causes people to break out in an updated chorus of “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing.”

Of course, there is nothing in the Constitution which would support teaching the world to sing, or providing for massive government interference in the health care economy.

Here is hoping and praying that Representative Herseth Sandlin clearly sees what this legislation would do to her constituents and follows up her previous “No” with a repeat of the same.

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