What Can Brown Do for South Dakota?

An election will be held in just over one week in the lovely state of Massachusetts. This election will determine who is to serve out the balance of Ted Kennedy’s term as senator from that good state. Right now, Martha Coakley is in the lead against Scott Brown. In normal times, Martha would be the hands-down favorite to win. Everyone in the state knows her name, she’s the current Attorney General, and Mass. is far from red (to use the current color coding).

However, these are not normal times. In a recent poll, Coakley leads Brown by 9 points. That is a lot and not, at the same time. In an election which is not only off year, but off the regular schedule (since it will be held on January 19) turnout is everything. Many people simply won’t go to the polls because it is not a regular election day. Since Coakley is the heir apparent, based on her backing by the Kennedy clan, the race is hers to lose.

Professor Jacobson of Legal Insurrection is quite charged up in his two most recent reports from Brown headquarters. He is avowedly partisan in his reporting, but his observations would lead one to believe that many people are taking this race seriously–and not simply because it might alter the balance of power in the Senate. No, one gets the idea that many are engaged because they believe that their actions will have a positive influence–unlike so many other things that we the people do in reference to our elected officials these days (such as complain that they are not listening to us).

I have contributed to the Brown campaign and would encourage you to do the same–even if you are not one of his constituents.

See, here’s the thing. Even though we elect senators from every state (and representatives, too) the entire collection of senators and representatives are representing all of us in Washington, DC. As more and more power has been concentrated in the Federal government at the expense of State governments, the influence which senators from other states than our own have upon the citizens of our state is enormous.

So, what can Brown do for South Dakota? Well, he can help to hold back the tidal wave of legislation which is threatening to overcome citizens of these United States, including South Dakota.

Is he perfect? Absolutely not. Do I find myself behind everyone of his positions on the issues? No. Do conservatives have cause to be concerned about some of those positions? Without question. Nonetheless, in the brutally serious game of politics, I believe him to be on the side of those who believe we still have a constitution and a need to respect it as the foundational law of our land. It is with that in mind that I am pulling for (though unable to vote for) Scott Brown for Senate.


Looks like, according to one poll, the race might be heading into a dead heat:

Buoyed by a huge advantage with independents and relative disinterest from Democratic voters in the state, Republican Scott Brown leads Martha Coakley 48-47.