Views of The Health Care Summit

In honor of the summit today, I thought it would be of benefit to have a few views of the situation from some of the voices on the conservative/libertarian side of things:

Legal Insurrection thinks that the summit is indicative of the “fight coming to a head” and thinks that:

Obama’s plan is neither a starting point nor an endpoint. It is a dead end of government expansion paid for with borrowed money and developed through a process in which Democrats have refused to consider alternatives to bigger government.

His encouragement to Republicans? Don’t be bullied.

Melissa Clouthier calls the summit a “power play” on the part of the President:

The President will get up in front of Republicans and say that they’re obstructionist. The President will make bold statements that force grin-and-bear-it Democrats to go along to get along.

Her encouragement for Republicans? This isn’t about you.

Heritage (via Conn Carroll) finds that this summit is a bit of a sham:

That means the White House must convince a sizeable chunk of conservative Democrats to switch their votes. Brown University political scientist James Monroe says that is the true purpose of today’s event: “House Democrats have told Obama, ‘Move the needle on public opinion,’ and that’s what this is about.”

His encouragement to Republicans? A majority of Americans are not in favor of any of the Democrat’s proposed plans for changing the health care system.

Michelle Malkin is covering things live. Here are her comments (and realtime video of the unfolding events).

CATO is also doing live coverage with full audience interaction.

Whatever the outcome of today’s discussion, I’ll make the following prognostication: The President will claim victory, the Democrats will claim victory and the Republicans will claim victory.