Us? Get Less Money From The Government? No.

From Rasmussen:

Roughly one-quarter of Americans say they receive some form of cash benefits from the government, and most are not willing to sacrifice any of that money to help cut the size of the federal budget.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 70% of Adults say they do not receive any kind of government cash benefits, but 23% say they do. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Of those who do receive government money, just 34% are at least somewhat willing to cut some of their own benefits to reduce the size of the federal budget, with 14% who say they are Very Willing to do so. But 63% are not willing to consider any benefit reductions, including 33% who are Not At All Willing.

I would suppose that the 63% who are Not/Not At All Willing have forgotten that President Obama called for us all to sacrifice.

4 thoughts on “Us? Get Less Money From The Government? No.

  1. My husband receives a meager pension and a very small disability compensation. We are NOT WILLING TO GIVE UP ANY of it as long as the president and his wife take our money and spend, spend, spend and we either get things we dont want, dont need: healthcare; they spend like crazy at our expense for their vacations: talk about cutting back they need to be the first example and vacation at home (Washington) more often. We dont even have enough money to book a plane ticket let alone go on the vacation itself. Until they and the rest of them on Comfy capitol hill are willing to personally sacrifice (and I dont mean sacrificing our money), then they have no business asking the little guy to sacrifice anything. He wants us to sacrifice so he can then turn around and push more programs down the people’s throats, which we now dont have enough money to pay for.

    1. Disgusted,

      Good points. I’m certain some in the poll are standing where you are–and yet others are simply unwilling to give things up because they have grown accustomed to them and would feel deprived if they lost them.

  2. Kristi Noem clearly feels the same way about her $3M farm subsidies. Her entitlement mentality comes from convincing herself that her ranch and pheasant hunts are essential to national security.

    1. CAH,

      I’ve noted that farm subsidies (and federal backing of ag programs in general) is the area which I do not agree with Kristi Noem.

      I’m against farm subsidies for everyone, not just those who receive more than a certain amount. I doubt you find yourself similarly inclined.

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