Too Much Power is Always a Bad Thing

PJ O’Rourke on hitting the wall:

Whether you’re liberal or conservative, people have to see there are limits to asking how much you can ask government to do and we may be past those limits. It can’t possibly live up to all of the requests. We’re asking government to protect us from outsiders, lawlessness, and to give us our basic freedoms but also give us our daily bread. The great temptation is to vote ourselves rich, and that simply can’t be done.

Nor can we spend ourselves out of debt.

The third thing bugging me here is that I’m very concerned about the nature of liberty, that people don’t really understand that the expansion of government power even if all good and we agree with all it does, that it creates a dangerous construct where an enormous amt of power is put in the hands of a few institutions and a few people. Even if they use it for good, nonetheless there the power is and what if someday you have a diff group of people who want to do bad with the power, it’s there for the taking and that itself is worrisome.

Power corrupts everyone–and we are foolish to insist that some are above this corruption in the face of all evidence to the contrary.